About Lead The Way Films

Lead the Way Films Pty Ltd was established in 2010.  It is the realisation of a dream for the founders, Chris Kelly and James Manning, who had a vision to create a unique film company, encouraging interaction between the plot and the viewer.  The name was chosen because all movies produced under this title offer the viewer an opportunity to influence the story’s events and final outcomes.  Lead the Way Films mission is to always create something unique and entertaining for an audience constantly seeking escapism and adventure.

In April 2012, the 1st Lead the Way Film, BARNEY, was released on DVD.  This film takes you to the peak of one of Australia's tallest mountains and down into the depths of the formidable mountain's fertile gorge.  When the main characters, Sam and Andy, witness two strangers burying, what looks to be a body, the real adventure begins.  Seven possible endings are dependent on the decisions you make, using your DVD remote control.  1. Will you run and hide, 2. take a picture and sneak away, or 3. confront the strangers?  This will just be your first decision.     

The fate of Sam and Andy, just like the fate of Lead the Way Films, is in your hands.  By purchasing a copy of Barney, you are helping make the second Lead the Way Film bigger and better in every way possible.  The adventure begins at Barney but together there is no telling where it will end.

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