Madeleine Chaplain

Madeleine Chaplain, a star in the making.

She is originally from North-West Queensland where she grew up on a cattle station. Madeleine moved to Brisbane to pursue her acting dream and was accepted into the prestigious QUT Fine Arts (Acting) at the youthful age of seventeen. Being taught by the finest she has undertaken intensive acting, voice and movement training. Within the QUT Fine Arts (Acting) degree Madeleine has been trained to work hard and never stop growing as an actor or a person.

Talents she also plans to purse include being a gifted musician. She is a singer/songwriter and plays the guitar and piano. Having focused mainly on theatre, with such credits as Tennessee William’s ‘Summer and Smoke’ playing the lead role of Alma Winemiller and one of Shakespeare’s most loveable fools Dogberry in ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. She is now determined to break into the film industry.

Starting with the supporting role as Jess in Lead the Way Films ‘Barney’. In October this year (2011) she will graduate from her acting degree and move to Sydney immediately to further her career in Australian and international film.

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